Framed Photo Art

Maryten Gallery

In the quiet breeze, whispers of cedar rise,

Ancient tales carried on sage-scented wings.

Earth’s heartbeat echoes in sweetgrass sighs,

Native scent, a sacred dance that nature sings.

In the garden of choices, paths diverge,

A symphony of options, a whispered urge.

Each decision a brushstroke on life’s canvas,

We navigate the unknown, futures to enhance.

In the hush of twilight’s tender embrace,

Whispers of the day gently recede,

A silent symphony of serenity unfolds,

In quiet moments, the soul finds its reprieve.

Home Poppy, nestled in the garden’s embrace,

Petals unfurl like whispers of grace.

Amidst the blooms, a crimson throne,

Roots entwined, a haven of our own.

In the jungle’s emerald depths, Monkey Vision awakens,

Eyes that swing from branch to branch, agile and keen,

A tapestry of green and gold unfolds before the gaze,

Nature’s secrets revealed in the dance of the unseen.

In the realm of midnight’s silent reign,

the Dream Train chugs through ethereal lanes.

Whispers of slumber hitch a ride,

on its nocturnal journey, worlds collide.

Invisible tears, silent rivers weep,

Drenched in shadows, secrets keep.

Unseen sorrows, heavy heart bears,

Whispered pain in invisible tears.

In the realm of sultry slumber, dreams ignite,

A fiery dance in the velvet night.

Passions blaze, an inferno untamed,

Hot dreams, in sleep’s embrace, are framed.

In the quiet pages of a tale untold,

Whispers dance on the edges of words,

A tapestry woven with dreams and fears,

A journey unfolds, in ink and soul.

In moonlit glades where shadows dance,

The Fairy Queen in silken trance.

Her gown adorned with dewdrop gems,

A sovereign of enchanted realms.

In the twilight’s tender glow,

Fairy Flower unfurls its petals,

Whispers of enchantment linger,

Nature’s dance, a secret spectacle.

In fields of thought, a mindless flock roams,

Eager to graze on echoes of borrowed ideas.

Lost in the shadows of conformity,

Individuality drowned in the cacophony.

Caretaker of dreams, whispers in the night,

Tender guardian of the soul’s fragile light.

Nurturing hope in the garden of despair,

Silent sentinel, weaving threads of care.

In Dreamland’s realm, the moonlight weaves,

Whispers of enchantment dance among the leaves.

Fantasy’s tapestry unfurls in the night,

A realm of reverie where reality takes flight.

Bubbles born from laughter’s breath,

Transient orbs of joy, a moment’s theft.

Reflecting hues of fleeting delight,

Pop, dissolve, in the dance of light.

In realms beyond the touch of mortal gaze,

Absolute Beauty dons a cloak unseen,

A tapestry of hues beyond the spectrum,

Whispers of eternity in every gleam.

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